Welcome Disney Creators!Edit

Welcome to the Disney Creater Wiki, the wiki specifically designed for those special creators of Disney Create, a website for kids to share their artwork with others, created by the Walt Disney company. Candifloss and KittyKatLove99's vision to create this wiki was, "We believe that all Disney Creators need a place to join together and comunicate. Join us and become a Disney Creator."


Founders: Candifloss and KittyKatLove99

Editing Staff: KittyKatLove99

Moderators: KittyKatLove99

We, the staff, try our best to make this wiki the best it can be, and we ask of you to follow simple rules:


1. No bad language whatsoever.

2. Think before you post and don't comment anything mean or rude.

3. No haters or bullies.

4. Don't make any large chages to any of the pages (such as deleting all of the information on a page or deleting most of the information) without consulting a staff member first.

If you choose to NOT follow these very simple rules and a member of this wiki alerts a staff member, we will get involved and ask you to leave this wiki.